2023, the year of absolute tyranny and utter slavery

The NOTA option
December 30, 2023
Please think before you ordain
January 1, 2024
2023, the year of absolute tyranny and utter slavery.
31 December, on the last day of the year 2023, a private security guard stands in front of an upscale store at Tauhid Commercial Area DHA Karachi, where people spend as much on one dinner as this guard makes in a month, working for 12 hours every day. He is paid an illegal wage of Rs19,000 per month, gets no weekly holiday and is not registered with EOBI.
Hundreds of 15 year old invisible children (despite wearing bright orange jackets), sweep the streets of Karachi for Rs15,000 per month, with no weekly holiday and no EOBI.
2023 was a year of misery, humiliation and wretchedness for millions of Pakistani sanitation workers, security guards, railway coolies, coal miners and petrol pump employees, deeply trapped in unending poverty and exploitation. Ironically the misery is orchestrated by ethically challenged, financially compromised and professionally handicapped government’s own Solid Waste Management Departments, contractors, sub-contractors, Labour inspectors, EOBI managers, Local government bodies and HR ministries.
Millions of cold-hearted, callous and constantly complaining citizens purposely choose to remain silent. They speak in the air, gaze at the skies but would do nothing on the ground. They are just as guilty.
Will 2024 bring any joy or light in the lives of those whose misery was not destined but is actively manufactured by each one of us? Can we change their lives and change Pakistan forever?
Justice for the Voiceless
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