A letter from the aggrieved and the endangered

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March 18, 2020
Kheaban e Jabal
March 26, 2020

A letter from the aggrieved and the endangered.

Dear Curse Corona,

On behalf of the Markhor Association of Northern Areas, the Migratory Society of Houbara Bustards, and the General Union of hunted, endangered, tortured and encaged animals, we wish to extend our sincere greetings and welcome on your historic arrival. We appreciate your wisdom and discern in choosing just the most appropriate species for your pandemic activities.

We thank you for saving us from those who killed us with their long distance guns and high flying falcons. We thank you for putting an end to the genocide and carnage conducted against us by masquerading this brutality into sanitized labels like pleasure hunting, trophy hunting, aphrodisiac hunting, sports hunting and sustainable hunting.

Dear Curse Corona, unlike Homo Sapiens, we are neither greedy nor revengeful. So regardless of the brutal killings and atrocities they conduct on us, we still wish them well. But please do spend some time with the officials of Foreign Office, the Wild Life Departments, the facilitators, the NGOs and the report writers who approved, gave permits, facilitated and fabricated fancy reports to enable and glorify this mass murder. Knowing fully well that we were endangered and disappearing, they collided to manufacture arguments such as “pillars of foreign policy’, “community development” and “sustainability” to create a smoke screen to cover up our bloodshed.

Thank you again, Curse Corona. We hope that your intervention will teach a lasting lesson to the insensitive and greedy Sapiens, and that we will be able to lead free and carefree lives, while they remain home bound by lockdowns and quarantines.
Our prayers are for peace, freedom and natural habitat for all beings.


Chairanimal, Markhor Association of Northern Areas,
Resident Ambassador, Migratory Society of Houbara Bustards
Secretary General, Union of hunted, killed and caged animals.

March 18, 2020