About Us

For seventy one years, the story of Pakistan’s progress has centered around the liberties and privileges of its upper classes - almost blind to the plight of ordinary working-class citizens, women, children, underprivileged and the minorities.   Justice, equity, health, security, quality education and dignity in dealing with the government have eluded Pakistan’s largest majority - its ordinary people.

The entire governance structure, its policies and development plans are designed for the convenience and benefit of a very small dynastic ruling elite.   As if was ordained or etched on stone forever, there is no movement for change or reforms that will ease or improve the lives of Pakistani people.

All this could change if Pakistan’s educated professional middle class was willing to play its part. The recipe is well known.   Shun your self-acquired helplessness and comfort zones, focus on issues of common people, identify facts on how the existing processes work, propose changes, raise your voice, and begin to organise and participate in a process of rational debate and reform.

This website includes a number of issues and ideas for improvement and restructuring that could hopefully make Pakistan a progressive modern welfare state.

The views expressed are personal, apolitical, not intended to hurt any individual and certainly vulnerable to writer’s own biases and ignorance.

No funding or donation has been or will be sought from any source, to pursue activities and ideas discussed in this website. You are welcome to share your thoughts and make suggestions on how citizens could participate in the process of reform and improvement and make Pakistan a better place for its ordinary citizens.