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March 30, 2019
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March 30, 2019



Accountability of Government Vehicles

One must appreciate the forthrightness of the Sindh Government in making two important declarations in the Sindh Assembly.   First that the provincial government has over 25000 government vehicles.  Second that of these 25,000, only 11000 vehicles were usable, tax paid and duly registered with the Excise and Taxation (E&T) Department.

This is indeed a shocking revelation.  Of the 25,000 Sindh government vehicles, if only 11,000 are registered, then what is the disposal or usage of the remaining 14000 unaccounted and unregistered vehicles.  There is increasing evidence to suggest that thousands of these vehicles have been pilfered, used privately or distributed among friends and relatives.

The Sindh government has failed to create a system where every government vehicle can be registered, tracked and accounted for. The data of the government vehicles once available on the website was removed to wipe out potential tracing and accountability.

Non-accountability of 14000 vehicles (costing approximately a billion Rupees) is a matter of serious public concern.  Could we ask the Sindh Government to immediately register all 25,000 government vehicles and place their data on the E&T website, in keeping with its earlier practice.

The missing or unaccounted 14000 government vehicles be retrieved from whatever misuse they are currently engaged in and auctioned, as they are clearly redundant and beyond the genuine needs of the Sindh Government. Does the Sindh police and the CPLC not find it a matter that may be seriously linked to crime and militancy?