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September 19, 2022
Pakistan’s debauch elite
September 28, 2022

Can we agree?

Relegating reason and sanity to back benches, Pakistanis have become  sharply and emotionally divided in the choice of their political leaders. But that is their right and we need to move forward with this reality.  But is it not equally our right to seek consensus and a least common denominator in this myriad of misinformation, hostility and  hatred.

We could start by agreeing that the current process of selecting political representatives is hugely faulty and is heavily tilted in favour of individuals with shady, criminal, corrupt and clueless backgrounds. Scores of extremely wealthy parliamentarians on the borderline of literacy, have criminal records and pay no or  negligible tax.  The FBR and Election Commission look the other way. A modern state cannot  be governed or legislated by 18th century feudal and decadent human resource, having absolutely no background in science, technology and social sciences.  We could avoid this perennial obstacle by redefining a rigorous qualification criteria, educational, personal, professional and seek  formal verification on matters relating to tax payment, wealth, crime etc.

The next important pathological pattern that ought to be disbanded is the  family or dynastic capture of the state.  What have we done to deserve an elder brother, a younger brother, a brother in law, a daughter and a son simultaneously breathing down our necks from the highest pedestals of this country. Citizens must demand new legislation for a permanent end to this sickness.

Next we ought to decide that we will not accept individuals who are declared absconders, have stolen goods from Tosha Khana,  stashed properties abroad or committed other such illegal or immoral acts.

Finally we must agree that we shall reject politicians  who use the religious card to fool the people by making (largely hollow) emotional promises.  We must reject those wanting to taking us back to 7th century by continuously harping on new religious sermons,  laws and organisations. Our existence depends on embarking the 21st century train using science, sanity, digital technology and good governance.  Can we not agree to come together even on such a minimum basic agenda for reform?

Dr.Quratul ain Bakhteari

Rumana Husain

Naeem Sadiq