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January 24, 2023
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February 5, 2023

Bribing the rich and bleeding the poor

One is dumbfounded at the Federal Governments’ announcement of raising the allowances of Grade 17-22 officers of the Federal Secretariat by 150%. It confirms that all austerity measures  and media sermons by the government are essentially an eye-wash for the ordinary tax payers. At this junction, when Pakistan begs and bleeds for every penny, it is utterly sinful for the government to raise the allowances of an already pampered class – essentially for political appeasement.

Does the Prime Minister have any idea that not a single sanitation worker, working either at Sindh Solid Waste Management Board or in various Municipal Committees of Sindh receives even the current minimum wage of Rs25,000.

How do we as a nation, accept such extreme exploitation, cruelty and disparity?

Can I as a citizen request the PM to cancel this completely uncalled and callous gift of 150% raise for the Grade 17-22 officers, and divert those funds to provide minimum wages to all daily wage sanitary workers of Sindh.


Naeem Sadiq