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April 1, 2019
Our dependency syndrome
April 2, 2019

CAA and minimum wages

As members of “Citizens for Equal Rights”, we deeply appreciate the positive and early response of the CAA in raising the salaries of all janitorial staff at Jinnah Airport to Rs.15,000 and giving them the increased salary by cheques on the 19th of March 2019. Even this partial implementation of the law of minimum wages has benefitted hundreds of down-trodden and exploited individuals who perform janitorial tasks for CAA.

Having taken the first legal step, the CAA is requested to comply with three other mandatory legal requirements. Firstly that the law of minimum wages should be implemented on all contracted janitorial staff at all CAA airports and offices in Pakistan. Secondly that the law of minimum wages in Sindh is Rs.16200 per month and not Rs.15,000. Therefore the wages of all CAA janitors anywhere in Sindh should be raised to Rs.16,200.

Finally, in response to our request for information, the CAA has so far failed
to comply with the Federal Right for Access to Information Act 2017, Sindh
Transparency and Right to Information Act 2016 and Article 19A of the
Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We see no reason why CAA,
a state run organisation, should itself be seen as a major violator of the laws
laid down by the state.

Naeem Sadiq,
Citizens for Equal Rights