CAA DG Janitors
March 26, 2019
CAA Secy Civil Aviation Janitors
March 26, 2019

Chief Information Commissioner                                                      28 Feb 2019

Information Services Academy

Zero Point, Islamabad

Ph: (051) 9252192


Dear Sir,


Failure to respond to ‘request for  information’ under Federal Right for Access to Information Act 2017  and   Article 19A of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


  1. We are responsible citizens of Pakistan engaged in professional pursuits as well as activities relating to public interest and well-being of the Pakistani society.
  2. After finding out that the janitors at Karachi airport are being paid illegal wages of Rs 12,000 and Rs 14,000 per month, which are less than the legal minimum wages of Pakistan, we had written to the Director General CAA as well as the Aviation Secretary Govt of Pakistan, letters requesting information / records under the Access to Information Act 2017.  These sweepers are working for CAA for cleaning the airport,  but are employed through contractors.  Our request letters are enclosed for your ready reference.
  3. Despite passing of more than 22 days, both the DG CAA and the Federal Aviation Secretary failed to respond, let alone provide the requested information.


  1. We are deeply saddened that the CAA an important government institution, not only deals illegally with its contracted janitors but also cares two hoots for the Access to information Act.
  2. We hereby appeal to you Sir, to:
  3. Order DG CAA and Secretary Civil Aviation to immediately provide the requested records / information.
  4. Take necessary action against these two individuals for violating Article 19A of the Constitution of Pakistan.



Naeem Sadiq,


Citizens for Equal Rights