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September 24, 2019
Pakistan’s population predicament
October 5, 2019

Can the citizens come together ?


Environmental initiatives must begin by working, campaigning and pushing for actions, beginning with your own city and country. My list for environmental reforms is as follows:


  1. 100 % ban on manufacture, import, sale and use of plastic bags.
  2. 100 % ban on use of single-use mineral water plastic bottles.
  3. Stop all one-time televised cleanliness campaigns and create and put into place, starting with Karachi, a functioning system for collection, segregation and recycling (for energy generation) of solid waste on lines of Indian city Indore.
  4. Establishing dozens of small artificial constructed wetlands to treat, clean and reuse the entire sewage of Karachi – currently being released to sea and other water sources in untreated raw form.
  5. Declare a number of city’s congested areas , such as Saddar and I.I.Chundrigar Rd. as vehicle free areas. Develop cycling and walking tracks and electrical shuttle services for internal use in these areas.
  6. Identify how many million cars make how many million trips each year, only to pay one or the other tax to the government. (For example 8.5 million vehicles in Pakistan make about 16 million trips to various E&T offices and bank branches only to pay motor vehicle tax every year.) These Co2 generation activities are completely redundant and can be done away with. Instead enable everyone to use electronic or mobile phone money transfer systems to pay their taxes. (Reduce carbon emissions and road congestion.)
  7. The state should take the responsibility of organising and providing good quality, low cost, filtered drinking water in each locality in re-usable containers.
  8. Plant 1 million trees in Karachi in 2020.


Naeem Sadiq

September 2019