Coal mines (death traps) to kill our children. Part-2

Coal mines (death traps) to kill our children. Part-1
December 2, 2022
Lawlessness at Sindh High Court
December 6, 2022

Mr. Shehbaz Sharif                                                                         2nd Dec. 2022

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Prime Minister Secretariat

Constitution Avenue, Islamabad


Mr. Raja Pervez Ashraf,  Speaker National Assembly

National Assembly Secretariat, Parliament House, Constitution Avenue  Islamabad


Mr. Murad Ali Shah

Chief Minister Sindh, Sindh Chief Minister House, Karachi


Ms. Rabiya Javeri Agha, Chairperson

National Commission for Human Rights
5th Floor, Evacuee Trust Complex, F-5, Islamabad.


Chairperson,  National Commission on the rights of child

5th Floor, Evacuee Trust, F-5/1, Islamabad


Secretary,  Mines Mineral Development Department,

1st Floor, Tughlaq House, Sindh Secretariat No. 2, Karachi.


Directorate General of Mines & Mineral Development.ST-19/1, Block-6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal , Main University Road , Karachi


Criminal exploitation and killing of underage children in coal mines

Could one ask, if any of you  will be sending your child after he is done with high school, to become a coal miner – vulnerable to being blown to pieces by frequently occurring gas explosions or being handicapped for life.  No you will not.    You will instead be sending your pampered child to a college in USA or Canada, sponsoring him with your ‘ ‘questionably earned’ wealth, and further depleting Pakistan of its much needed foreign exchange.

Please carefully look at the picture of this 16 year old child Ameen Shah son of Aqal Meen, from the town of Shangla in KPK.  He died in a tragic accident on 29 November 2022, working  in an unregistered, unregulated, unsafe, contracted-out mine, operating under your brilliant Wadera-friendly leadership at the Habib Ullah coal mine, Hyderabad Sindh. He died, like hundreds of others die every year in the cruel coal mines of Pakistan.  He died so that your child could study abroad. He died so that you could continue occupying  the corridors of power and pelf  and continue to prolong this unending dark night  of death, exploitation and slavery.


Incompetence and corruption in government has tortured  and exploited the people of Pakistan for last 75 years. You have allowed the children of the poor and  children below the age of 18 years to be the fire wood for furnaces of your greed.  No child below the age of 18 ought to be working  in extreme hazardous locations such as coal mines.   That every coal mine ought to be  registered as a formal organisations and allowed to work only after all safety precautions / equipment / procedures / ventilation and facilities have been assured. That no coal mine must operate through 3rd party contractors and all miners be employed on regular jobs.

That you are guilty of depriving coal miners of registration with EOBI and Social Security and that no government department has an accurate record of each mine and each mine worker.

To give you some feel of humanity and the conditions you provide to the helpless and exploited mine workers, kindly have a look at this short video.

Can one expect from each of you to put an immediate end to the criminal  and deathly conditions described above. That the Human Rights organisations and the Mines departments will remove all children less than 18 years of age from all mines of Pakistan.  That you stop all unlawful and unsafe practices at mines.  That you would digitise complete data of each mine and each miner,  and that you would have the courtesy to respond to this letter.


Naeem Sadiq