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March 28, 2019
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March 28, 2019


Conversation overheard in a bus between two strangers S1 and S2.

S1.  Is this a new bridge?  Wasn’t there the last time I came here.

S2. Oh yes.  Was made only a few months back.

S1. What is it called?

S2. Afza bridge.

S1. Is it because of the nearby Rooh Afza factory?

S2. Don’t be silly.  It is the name of a little girl who lives in London.

S1. But who is that little girl. Did her dad sponsor the bridge?

S2. No no.  The dad also lives in London and is out of job for the past 30 years.

S1. Then how does he survive?

S2. Tax payers’ money.

S1. Now I am getting a bit confused.  How come the bridge was named after a little girl who is the daughter of   a jobless person who lives in London?

S2. Very simple.  She is the daughter of our party chief, and so what if he is a Londoner.

S1. Yes, but I thought your party was against  ‘dynastic’ politics.

S2. Listen, stop bugging me, if you know what is good for you.

5 minutes silence

S1. Can I ask you just one more question.

S2. Yes but be brief.  I will be getting down at the next stop

S1. Are there not any sensible people who objected to naming a public building, built with tax payers’ money  after a little girl, who lives in London, has never seen Pakistan and has no connection with this country?

The bus comes to a stop.  S2 jumps out.


Naeem Sadiq

4th July 2012