A state neglecting its own children
September 17, 2020
Protecting the Rights of Children?
October 1, 2020

On the night of 21st September, two men traveling in a Vigo, kidnapped a 22 year old woman from outside a Clifton Mall, took her to a flat, subjected her to sexual violence and dumped her back at the same place, the next morning. Was this tragic incident preventable?

It was indeed preventable, if a single nation-wide Emergency Helpline was available that a by-stander or the family had activated, soon after the incident and not the next day.

It was indeed preventable if the Sindh Government had not so graciously and irresponsibly permitted thousands of goons to carry legal and illegal weapons, openly and in vehicles, making it easy to commit power crimes.

It was preventable, if the Sindh Police had ensured that the vehicles, specially those of the spoiled elite, do not use tinted windows, so that an abduction could be publicly noticed from outside.

It was preventable if the Sindh Government had a system of checking unregistered vehicles or vehicles that carry fake, fancy, AFR or Government look-alike number plates. Some 200,000 such vehicles unabashedly and fearlessly roam in the city of Karachi.


Not proactively creating crime preventive systems is the only difference between good governance and fire fighting. Are the Government, the police and the citizens willing to admit their collective guilt of failure to prevent the kidnapping and rape of the 22 year old woman?

Naeem Sadiq