May 25, 2021
The sad story of discrimination against minorities in Sindh
May 30, 2021

Syed Murad Ali Shah                                                                 26 May 2021

Chief Minister Sindh


Dear Sir,

Discriminatory advertisements.

I refer to a newspaper advertisement by District Health Officer Jamshoro Sindh, that appeared in newspapers of 23 May 2021. The ad places no ‘religion’ restrictions on any of the 29 advertised posts but limits the jobs of Sanitary Workers to Non-Muslims only. The ad is intensely insulting to our minorities, highly discriminatory and repugnant to the Constitution of Pakistan.

Such advertisements reflect our negative and insulting attitude towards non-Muslims. After all there are no ads for the jobs of Chief Executives or Director Generals that state, “For non-Muslims only”. So why these double standards for the lowest posts of sanitary workers.

As a citizen of Pakistan I stand ashamed at this blatant discrimination. The uninterrupted appearance of such ads at regular intervals suggests as if discrimination towards minorities has been formally adopted as the official policy of the state. You are requested to kindly take notice, withdraw this derogatory ad and issue a policy to not repeat such discriminatory ads in future.


Naeem Sadiq