Do not gift or sell your vote. Demand change.

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January 23, 2024
Tyranny of inequality
February 26, 2024
Do not gift or sell your vote.
Demand change and reforms in Pakistan.
Dear candidate,
Hugely disappointed by the traditional political candidates, one looks at the few independent sane options left. Can I, therefore, consider trusting my PA 110 vote to you, and can I also express my expectations for doing so:
1. That you will forcefully take up the issue of Pakistan’s runaway population and push for urgent measures to control this disaster at the provincial and national level.
2. That you will take up the issue of 7-8 million out of school children in Sindh and push the government to have every child back in school, every teacher back in class and every school back to a functioning status. You will also demand that all members of the Assembly and all bureaucrats put their children in government schools or resign from their posts. (Ref the recent example of French Education Minister).
3. That you will push for discontinuation of bouser-mafia-operated water supply in Karachi. That all water be supplied through pipes and meters be installed in all homes to enable payment according to usage.
4. That all waste management contracts to Chinese and Turkish companies in Sindh be terminated, and all waste management be done by Pakistani companies.
5. That every sanitation worker in Sindh, working for any organization or municipal committee, be given FULL LEGAL MINIMUM WAGE , be registered with EOBI, and given full safety equipment (could provide such a list to you)
6. That approximately 300,000 private security guards working in Sindh, (for government or private institutions / individuals), and working for 12 hours a day be paid Rs 66580 per month (as per law) and be registered with EOBI.
7. That the same be done for ensuring minimum wage of employees working at petrol pumps and coolies working at railway stations.
8. That every worker in Sindh, regardless of the nature of employment or employer be registered to EOBI.
9. That the perks given to government officials in terms of official cars, free electricity, club memberships, free fuel, free security etc be completely withdrawn.
10. That an enquiry be held against the Chairman Minimum Wage Board and Secretary and Director of Sindh Labour Department for their criminal role and complicity in continued payment of illegal minimum wages to millions of workers in the Sindh province.
I await your feedback.
Naeem Sadiq