Pampering the rich, pulverising the poor
May 14, 2022
How the rich and the powerful elite destroys Pakistan
May 20, 2022
Minister for Commerce, May 17, 2022
Block-A, 4th Floor, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad.
Dear Sir,
Urgent actions to eliminate import of all Luxury goods.
As a citizen of Pakistan, I appeal that the practice of import of luxury goods designed largely for pampering of the elite class of Pakistan be discontinued forthwith. The insatiable indulgences of this much patronised class have pushed Pakistan to the brink of bankruptcy. While many of its members and their leaders have acquired safe havens in foreign lands, their preference for every thing “foreign” even when “back home” in Pakistan is sickening. This has brought untold misery and poverty to the ordinary people of Pakistan. I therefore appeal for completely eliminating import of the following luxury goods – that could bring a saving of up to $12 billion per year and also help bridge Pakistan’s unbridgeable balance of payment gap.
• All cosmetics, perfumes, bags and shoes,
• All fruits, confectionaries, chocolates and ice creams,
• Blankets, clothing, carpets, different textile products,
• SUVs and all vehicles above 1600 cc
• Mobile phones, watches, cigars, animal / pet food,
• Olive oil, cheese, coffee, cereals, tinned fruit, juices,
• All tiles, sanitary ware, construction materials and master baths,
• Crockery and cutlery,
• Electrical lights, fittings, TVs
• Printing paper and all stationary items,
• Varnishes,
• All Tyres,
• Sweeteners, and dry milk
• Tea – Can be reduced to half.
• Palm oil – Can be reduced to half and replaced with other alternates such as sun flower seed oil.
Kindly consider this appeal on most urgent basis. Eliminating the above imports will also spur their domestic demand and help the growth of local industry.
Naeem Sadiq