Citizen’s Commission for Equality & Human Rights Report 2023
January 5, 2024
Wage theft at Engro Dharaki subcontractors
January 10, 2024
Federal Secretary           9 January 2024
Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis
Mrs. Naheed Shah Durrani
Chairperson EOBI
The incompetence, bureaucracy, and poor record keeping creates a living hell for Pakistani workers.
We have repeatedly pointed out the complete dysfunctionality of EOBI institution in not registering more than 90 percent workers of Pakistan to EOBI and managing the records of remaining in a most pathetic manner. No enemy of Pakistan could have done bigger damage than EOBI by keeping more than 70 million workers outside the ambit of their legitimate pensions. Not content with this cruelty, the EOBI makes the workers undergo worst kind of bureaucracy and delays by making them run from one office to another and from one document to another for years. Here is one of the test cases we have picked up to uncover the archaic and exploitative practices of EOBI.
Consider the case of a worker Mohammad Nawaz deployed in Hilton Pharma Korangi from 2002 till 2023.
His old and new EOBI cards showing his registration to EOBI since 2002 are enclosed. For last one year this poor and illiterate citizen has been made to run around in circles and finally told by EOBI that his records are not complete.
Is it the job of workers to ensure completion of EOBI payment documents at the factory and at EOBI, or is it the job of your Ministry and EOBI department. You fool
the people by putting up large ceremonial posters of BLACK DAY for KASHMIR on your website , but in fact create BLACK YEARS and HELL for the people of Pakistan.
We urge upon you to kindly and immediately resolve not just this reported test case but also streamline your bureaucratic procedure for every worker of Pakistan. If the Federal Secretary and Chairman EOBI will receive their pensions sitting at home, the next day after retirement, so must the workers of Pakistan.
Naeem Sadiq