State sponsored slavery
November 7, 2022
A new dawn is possible
November 22, 2022

The exploited private security guards

Poverty stands out as the single largest barrier for achieving a high capitalisation rate of human resource in any country.  Uplifting the masses is thus the first and the foremost aim of all sane nations. The reality of Pakistan is just the opposite.  The state itself is the biggest manufacturer of poverty for its people.

Consider two of the largest Pakistani state organisations, Pakistan Post and National Savings. Both use hundreds of private security guards and pay them  Rs.17-18,000  pm for a 12 shift for 30 days a month. The minimum legal wage, as we all know is Rs.25,000 for 8 hr and Rs.50,000 for a 12 hr shift.  The guards also have no social security and no EOBI, which means they must adopt beggary as their new profession, on reaching the age of sixty.

Often the state organisations take refuge behind  a false argument that  these guards are the responsibility of the private security contractors.  This is utterly incorrect as the law makes it mandatory on the principal employer to ensure compliance of all labour laws.

When the reputed Pakistani organisations adopt such illegal poverty promotion practices, they transmit a strong message to others – that  illegal wages, exploitation and cruelty are totally acceptable by the state.

As a citizen I appeal to the rulers to stop pampering the rich and to cut down on their salaries and perks, till  every security guard and every sanitation worker of Pakistan has been provided minimum wage, EOBI and Social Security.