FBR’s criminal collusion with the rich and powerful

Manufacturing poverty
January 1, 2022
Justice for Jokhio and the citizens’ demands
January 17, 2022

FBR House, Opp. Supreme Court of Pakistan,
Constitution Avenue, G-5, Islamabad.
Dear Sir,
Request for information under Federal Right for Access to Information Act 2017 and Article 19A of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
As a citizen of Pakistan, I would like to obtain the following information / records as provided for by the above-mentioned legislation. The request is based on the list released by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and reported in numerous national newspapers of 188 lawmakers who did not submit their income tax returns during the tax year 2019, while 35 parliamentarians, including former premier Yousuf Raza Gilani, declared their taxable income to be zero. Numerous cases such as Chief Minister Usman Buzdar having paid a ludicrous tax of Rs.2000 were also reported.
Kindly provide the following information along with supporting documents:
1. What punitive actions and recoveries have been made against those 188 Parliamentarians who did not file the year 2019 tax returns?
2. What punitive actions and recoveries have been made against 35 parliamentarians who declared zero tax while they happen to be big land lords owning huge properties, homes and vehicles?
3. What punitive actions and recoveries have been made against CM Punjab, Mr. Usman Buzdar, who also happens to be a rich landlord.
By remaining inactive and silent the FBR has criminally colluded with the rich and powerful segment of society in causing loss and depriving the state of Pakistan its due taxes.
Kindly provide verified information / documents in response to the above three questions, within 10 working days, as required by RTI Act 2017.
Naeem Sadiq
8th January 2022