Four simple questions from Pakistan Railway

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July 13, 2020
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July 24, 2020

Mr. Habib ur Rehman Gilani                              14 July 2020 Secretary/Chairman Railways

4th Floor, D Block Pak. Secretariat, Islamabad.
Phone: + (92-51) 9211991, 9210527

Dear Sir,

Request for information under Federal Right for Access to Information Act 2017    and Article 19A of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

I am a citizen of Pakistan engaged in professional pursuits as well as activities relating to public interest and reforms.  I would like to obtain the following information / records under the above-mentioned legislation.


  1. Please provide the following information of ALL RAILWAY ACCIDENTS , small and big, fatal and non-fatal, that took place from 1st January 2015 till 30 June 2020.

The detail of each accident must include:

a.  Date of accident

b.  Location of accident

c.  Nature of accidents (fire, collision of two trains, collision with a vehicle / property / person on a crossing, derail, etc etc.)

d.  Number of fatalities, if any

e.  Number of injuries, if any

f.  Damage to train or engine, if any

g.  Damage to public equipment, vehicle, property, if any.


  1. I would request information on reasons why all the 17 senior most Railway officers whose emails are given on your website, never respond to their emails when contacted by public.
  2. Please give information on why data relating to all Railway accidents is not placed proactively on your website, as required by Section 5 (i) and Section 8 of the above RTI Act
  3. Please give information on why the name and contact details of the Designated Official are not mentioned on your website as required by Section 9 of the above RTI Act

Kindly provide the above information / records on the above four questions, within 10 working days as stipulated in the law.


Naeem Sadiq