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February 10, 2020
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February 26, 2020

Neither lawful nor judicious.
Parked at 0930, 13 Feb 2020, at Sindh High Court.

A privately registered vehicle fraudulently posing as a Sindh High Court vehicle by using a Green number plate with the words and monogram of Sindh High Court.
There were 13 policemen that could be easily counted in the HC premises at that time. Not one had the good sense, courage, eye-sight, understanding, capacity or the will to check this vehicle.
That is the magic of the fake pretending to be the government number plates.
Sadly an estimated 200,000 fraudulent vehicles of various shades blatantly roam around in the province of Sindh. Clearly, the Sindh Government has no organisation, no mechanism, no capacity and no will to check this crime.