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August 26, 2023
ZARRA bhar faida nahin
September 19, 2023
Dr. Farhat Abbas
CEO, AKU Health Services.
Dear Sir,
We had sent you a note on the subject of illegal wages to janitors at AKU collection units, a month back, and then another a week back.
We did not get to see any corrective actions.
Could we request you to kindly take urgent actions to correct these violations. Our ongoing surveys of hospitals throughout Pakistan, are consistently showing the same discriminatory, distinct and decadent pattern – extreme exploitation of the poor by the rich.
Yours is an esteemed and much respected hospital. The same ought to be true for the government hospitals. We expect you will be the role model and the leader for ethical and legal compliance of minimum wage laws for the sanitation workers and security guards in all hospitals of Pakistan.
Naeem Sadiq