Justice for Jokhio and the citizens’ demands

FBR’s criminal collusion with the rich and powerful
January 10, 2022
Criminally exploited – janitors and guards of Pakistan
January 30, 2022
Nazim Jokhio, meltdown of justice and the Citizens’ demands.
Nazim Jokhio is the first citizen of Pakistan to lay down his life to protect the endangered migratory Houbara Bustards. He deserves our respects and the highest national award for courage and conscience – while the rest of the country did not bat an eyelid.
November 3, 2021:
Nazim Jokhio was brutally tortured, repeatedly hit with hard and blunt objects and killed. The obsequious Pakistani Foreign Ministry, the cruel Arabs and the barbaric local politicians and Waderas colluded to commit his murder. Nazim Jukhio was brutally murdered at a Malir farmhouse called Jam House, which is owned by Pakistan People’s Party lawmakers and local feudal lords Jam Awais Khan Bijar and Jam Abdul Karim Bijar. The two named murderer Waderas were neither terminated nor suspended from their assembly seats.
Nov 18, 2021:
Nazim’s brother succumbs under pressure, retracts his statement and requests the judicial magistrate that the name of the lawmaker’s elder brother, PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim, be removed from the first information report (FIR). That left SIX people — the MPA, his two guards and three Sindh Wildlife Department officials in police custody.
January 13, 2022: Five men accused of murdering Nazim Jokhio were made to escape from Karachi’s Malir Court after they were denied bail. Only an absolutely corrupt and inept police would allow this to happen. It could also be an efficient police that has increasingly become the criminal arm of the killer politicians.
That leaves just ONE person in police custody. Come next hearing, and the last man may well be the one to escape from the court, to forever find refuge with the Arab goons, for whose pleasure he took the life of Nazim Jokhio.
Citizens demand:
1. A complete ban on Houbara Hunting for all foreigners and Pakistanis.
2. Foreign Office and the provincial Wild Life Department heads to be prosecuted for being involved in criminal and illegal hunting of endangered Houbara Bustards.
3. The MPA and MNA named in the first FIR be arrested, suspended from their assembly seats and awarded exemplary punishments if found guilty.
4. The wife and children of Nazim Jokhio be provided security as well as financial support by the state to enable them to lead a decent life.
1 A H Nayyar
2 Aasif Durrani
3 Abbas Petiwala
4 Abdul Haque
5 Ahmed Shabbar
6 Ahsan Rajput
7 Ali Javaid
8 Almas Mahmood
9 Amber Alibhai
10 Amena Khan
11 Anis Haroon
12 Arif Hasan
13 Asif Saeed
14 Ata Tabussum
15 Ayesha Choudhry
16 Azra Raza
17 Danish Khambata
18 Dr. Azra Ahsan
19 Dr. Deeba Syed
20 Dr. Habiba Hasan
21 Dr. Kishwar Enam
22 Dr. Rima Ishaq
23 Dr. Salma Badruddin
24 Dr. Sher Shah Syed
25 Dr. Tasnim Ahsan
26 Dr. Yasmeen Kazi
27 Erum S Rahim
28 Farah Afridi
29 Farhana Mowjee
30 Farooq Aziz
31 Farooq Dawood
32 Farooq Habib
33 Ferida Sher
34 Feryal Ali Gauhar
35 Ghazi Salahuddin
36 Ghulam Yaseen Lashari
37 Hamid Khawaja
38 Hasan Ali
39 Iftikhar Ahmed Shahid
40 Imran Ahmad
41 Imran Shirwani
42 Israr Ayubi
43 Jameel Awan
44 Jamil Yusuf
45 Jibran Nasir
46 Kaleem Durrani
47 Kamran Noorani
48 Kashif Dada
49 Khalda Sidiqi
50 Khalid Masud
51 Khawar Mehdi
52 Khayyam Durrani
53 Khurshid Athar
54 Lubna Saied
55 Manzar Ata
56 Mati ur Rasool
57 Mehnaz Mehmood
58 Muzaffar Ahmed
59 Nabila Nazir
60 Nadeem Khalid
61 Naeem Sadiq
62 Naheed Aziz
63 Nasim Beg
64 Nasir H Khan
65 Nasir Mansur
66 Nasreen Siddiqui
67 Nausheen Ahmed
68 Noreen Mirza
69 Nusrat Jamil
70 Pervez Ghias
71 Qurat ul Ain Khan
72 Raana Shaikh
73 Rabia Azfar Nizami
74 Roland deSouza
75 Romana Khan
76 Rumana Husain
77 Salahuddin Ahmed
78 Saleem Iftikhar
79 Samir Hoodbhoy
80 Sarah Sidiqui
81 Sarwar Bari
82 Shabnam Abdullah
83 Shahid Hyder
84 Shahrbano Iqbal
85 Shahzad Gul
86 Sheema Kermani
87 Shehzad Azim
88 Sibtain Naqvi
89 Sitwat Bushy Yusufzai
90 Sitwat Usman Ali
91 Sophia Hasnain
92 Syed Ilyas Ahmed
93 Tahir Alam
94 Tahira Abdullah
95 Tehmina Azim
96 Umar Imam
97 Uzma Naveed Turan
98 Yalmaz Saleem Arshi
99 Yasir Husain
100 Zafar Akbar
101 Zaffar Khan
102 Zaheer Alam Kidvai
103 Zahid Farooq
104 Zoha Waseem
105 Zuveria Halai
*PS: If you agree with the above demands, please, please say, ” I agree”, and your name shall be added to the list of those seeking Justice for Jokhio