Karachi 2020
March 27, 2019
Lake Saif ul Muluk
March 27, 2019

Stop killing for pleasure

In complete violation of the judgments of the Honourable Supreme Court and the two High Courts, several Mid Eastern Shaikhs, supposedly the  ‘pillars’ of our foreign policy, have arrived in Pakistan.  They are here for one simple reason.  To seek pleasure out of killing our already dwindling and endangered stock of Houbara Bustards. They believe it will also cure them of some of their inherent biological shortcomings.

When requested under the Freedom of Information Law to provide details of the hunting permits, the Foreign Office of Pakistan brazenly denied having ever issued any such document.  A Foreign Office blatantly telling lies is both sad and worrisome.

Every hunting permit, essentially a worthless piece of paper, mentions  a bag limit – a limit respected  neither by the hunter nor by the Wildlife Department.  In 2014, a Suadi Prince massacred 2100 Houbara Bustards against his authorized quota of 100.   Being a ‘pillar’ of our  foreign policy, the state refused to proceed against the Prince.

Not to be left behind, our own ‘waderas’, politicians and bureaucrats indulge in identical lawlessness.  Even as I write this letter, hundreds of innocent and beautiful partridges are being mercilessly shot out of skies by our psychopathic  ruling elite in at least 47 sub-districts of Punjab.  The Wildlife department acts as an accomplice and conveniently looks the other way.

Our stock of birds and wild-life is rapidly dwindling. They are a part of our environment and heritage. It is inhuman and barbaric to kill animals purely for fun and pleasure.  This practice ought to stop forthwith.  Placing a complete ban on all categories of hunting for foreigners as well as locals would be a step towards peace and respect for all forms of life.


7 December 2016