Islamic Republic of Private Armies
March 30, 2019
National Commission for Deweaponisation
March 30, 2019

Making DHA a weapon-free zone

Right to life and liberty is a fundamental right of all citizens.  In the year 2015, Pakistan  lost over 10,000 precious lives to gun violence.     It is our considered opinion that the only option for Pakistan to eliminate its devouring violence is to work proactively and aggressively towards a weapon-free society.

DHA Karachi enjoys a high reputation for its well managed and well regulated housing scheme.  It offers a number of excellent facilities, parks and services to its residents.  Sadly, these environments have been destroyed by hundreds of militant individuals who reside and roam about in DHA.  This weapon-wielding elite travels in a fleet of obscene vehicles with armed guards that apart from being distasteful and public nuisance  are also a source of insecurity for common citizens.

Many of these militants have pitched permanent tents, containers or pickets, on public spaces, often blocking roads and inconveniencing the general public.  At places the DHA looks more like a war zone and less like a housing society.

As members of ‘Citizens against Weapons’, a citizens’ group working for a peaceful and weapon-free Pakistan, we urge you to take the initiative and become the first gun-free housing society in Pakistan.  We believe that the possession of weapons is the exclusive domain of the state  and urge DHA to prohibit display, carriage and use of weapons within DHA territory by implementing the following actions:

  1. Declare the entire area that constitutes the DHA as a weapon-free Zone.
  2. Within the premises of DHA, no citizen, regardless of his/her rank or status, must be allowed to possess, carry or display any weapon of any kind – licensed or otherwise.
  3. Place newspaper / TV ads as well as large banners at prominent locations to declare that DHA is a weapon-free zone and carriage, sale, storage and display of weapons is completely prohibited.
  4. Remove all armed guards, individuals or groups in front of any house, in any street or any location of DHA.
  5. Declare and ensure that gun firing from any house on any occasion (new year / marriages / cricket matches etc) would be considered a violation of DHA rules and the resident would run the risk of cancellation of lease to the said property.
  6. Residents be asked to remove all tents, pickets, road blocks, barriers and armed guards sitting outside their gates within 2 weeks.  Residents who do not comply be heavily fined and their DHA membership
  7. All transfer, gift and purchase of homes / plots / shops must include an affidavit by the purchaser that owner and his/her family will abide by the gun control rules of DHA.
  8. DHA must create mechanisms to ensure implementation of these rules.
  9. These rules be adopted in all DHAs, Askari, Behriya and Fizaiya estates in Pakistan.


Citizens Against Weapons