Minimum wages for CDA contracted janitors

An open letter to CM Sindh
September 17, 2021
Quarantined in Hell
September 28, 2021
Happy to confirm after interviews with the contracted janitors of CDA Islamabad that their salary has been raised to Rs 20,000 pm .
For the 1400 janitors of CDA, exploited and underpaid for the last 20 years, this is a huge measure of relief.
This was made possible by dozens of concerned citizens who raised their collective voice, wrote numerous letters to CDA officials, met the President to seek his intervention and lodged complaints at the PM’ complaint portal.
This is therefore a matter of great satisfaction and assurance that a small group of committed citizens can indeed cause the change – that was not forthcoming for the last 20 years.
More ought to be done. They have been on a temporary status for last many years.  They have no EOBI or  Social Security.  What must they be treated like slaves in the capital city of the Islamic Republic?
* PS. Lets keep the pressure on exploited janitors of Municipal Corporation and WASA Hyderabad who continue to receive Rs 14000 and Rs.10000 respectively. Thanks.