Dr.Saeeda Malik day
March 28, 2019
Ombudsman and narcissim
March 28, 2019

Narcissism @ state expense – the new world record

The previously held world record of “narcissism at state expense”  by Sindh Governor (19 photographs in one supplement) has been mercilessly beaten by the Karachi Commissioner.  In the December 2014 newsletter issued by the Commissioner’s office (using tax payers’ money), there are 31 photographs of the Commissioner – 12 more than what the Governor could achieve.

The titles of these photographs, mostly repeated a number of times read as follows:

Commissioner’s message,

Commissioner inaugurates,

Commissioner attends,

Commissioner prays,

Commissioner stresses,

Commissioner confers,

Commissioner cuts the tape,

Commissioner celebrates,

Commissioner gives certificates

Commissioner honours

Commissioner condoles,

Commissioner launches, etc etc.


Who said the Sindh government was short of resources, competence or good sense?