Our dependency syndrome
April 2, 2019
A tale of two tragedies
April 6, 2019

Our militant elite

As members of “Citizens for Equal Rights”, we advocate respect, dignity, protection and equal rights for all citizens, regardless of their economic or social status. The police constables who perform their duties at various traffic intersections, under very harsh and challenging conditions are often the victims of abuse, insult, mistreatment and threats by the powerful elite of our society. The recent incident of an ex Karachi Administrator abusing and obstructing a police constable is a perfect example of how the Pakistan’s powerful elite thinks and treats its ordinary citizens.

The police force, already manipulated by the politicians, becomes completely ineffective when its constables on duty are made vulnerable to abuse, disrespect and disobedience by our arrogant and militant elite, who think they are entitled to be above the law because of their wealth, power or influence. Sadly this militant elite has become just as harmful and disruptive to our society as the militant extremist groups. The only way to alter this elitist lawlessness and to restore the respect and authority of Police is for the police to act firmly and lawfully, without any distinction of class or political affiliation.

Citizens for Equal Rights
27 March 2019