Justice for sanitation workers
August 23, 2022
A civil rights movement for sanitation workers
September 13, 2022

History will remember for a long time, how when 35 million people of an insolvent nation were drowning in floods, when it was hanging by the skin of its teeth to avoid bankruptcy, when it was begging for every dollar from every other country, its rulers, notwithstanding hundreds of already available luxury cars, decided to buy 40 more luxury vehicles, at a cost of Rs 305 million, to cushion their unwieldy bottoms and to massage their inflated egos.

Should any sane foreign countries be even half inclined to give financial aid for Pakistan’s flood victims, when they know that the Pakistani politicians will shamelessly squander the amount for personal luxuries.  The Punjab Government’s decision of buy luxury cars for personal use has brought disrespect and disrepute  to Pakistan. It has not just exposed the dark character of Pakistani politicians but also cast deep shadows on Pakistan’s sincerity towards its millions of flood affectees.

May I request the Punjab Government to cancel not just this but all other  other  luxury purchases and spend the amount for rehabilitation of people and infrastructure of the province.

Naeem Sadiq