Lessons from Turkey
August 26, 2020
Tents and private armies
September 4, 2020

A Sindh Government ad from the Office of Electric Inspector, Karachi, appearing in the newspapers of 2nd September 2020 requires that only non-Muslims can apply for the post of Sanitary Workers. The ad amounts to promoting, pushing and marginalizing citizens belonging to minority religions towards jobs that are considered the lowest, least paid, most exploited and most looked down upon. Surprisingly these jobs are not open to those whose creed repeatedly insists upon, “Safai nisf eeman hey”.
Sadly, this extreme discrimination is perpetuated by the government itself. It amounts to cruelty and exploitation designed to keep our minorities at the lowest rung of the ladder. This marginalization has resulted in Cantt Board Clifton having 111 non-Muslims and only 9 Muslims who work on and inside the gutters. Are we also willing to put an ad that says, ” Wanted Chief Executive, Railway, PIA, Wapda or Steel Mill – Only Non-Muslims can apply”.
As a citizen I find this action a gross violation of the concept of equal rights and equal opportunities for all citizens. Can I request the Chief Minister to please order immediate withdrawal of this ad, render a public apology and issue policy instructions to never repeat this discrimination in any future employment or advertisement.