Letter to Sindh Governor
June 4, 2020
Reform or Resign
June 5, 2020

SOME 10 years ago, the newspapers of July 24, 2010, reported the following announcement of the Sindh government: “the Sindh excise and taxation department is introducing online payment of motor vehicle tax from Aug 1, 2010. This would save the motorists from the hassle of queuing on tax counters or to engage an agent to make tax payment.”

The director motor vehicle registration was quoted as having said that the online payment would further boost the revenue as many lethargic motorists avoid payment of vehicle tax because they can’t take out time from their busy schedule.

The online facility would also help owners to know about their vehicle tax dues any time, especially before the year closing.

One can only assume that soon after making this announcement, the Sindh government suffered an attack of amnesia resulting in complete memory loss. Or perhaps, the statement was only meant to fool the public with no intention of its implementation.

Can we appeal to the chief minister that the slogan ‘People’s Government of Sindh’ appears hollow when the government actually works to make the lives of people yet more miserable?

Numerous mobile phone money transfer systems can easily enable all initial and yearly vehicle taxes to be paid without going to any government office. Does one need to guess why the Sindh government sticks to the archaic system of cash transactions?

Naeem Sadiq