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March 30, 2019
Strike down the arms ordinance
March 30, 2019

SP Soomro – an unsung hero of Pakistan

When the champion and defender of men’s right to bury their females alive, an honorable Member of the Provincial Assembly  and the Senior Minister of the government of Baluchistan barged into the premises of the Baluchistan Assembly along with a battalion of armed goons,  he did not expect to meet any resistance.  Resistance from those treated as personal servants is not what the rich, powerful and militant ruling class of Pakistan is quite used to.  However on that fateful day, one unassuming police officer decided to respond to the call of his duty and single-handedly took on not just an individual but an entire class that is the root cause of  militancy and lawlessness of Pakistan. He stopped the  armed caravan from going any further and told the militants to stay out of the premises – meant for dialogue and tolerance and not for threats and Kalashnikovs.

While the government of Pakistan was still searching for a suitable date for calling an APC (all party conference) against terrorism,  SP Samiullah Soomro  had already initiated the first and the most crucial anti-militancy measures  by personally taking on  the parliamentary terrorists.  This is the same class who was gifted 69473 ‘prohibited’ bore  licenses in the last five years so that they could form their own private armies and effectively lead the terror squads of Pakistan – a task they seem to have performed with flying colours.

SP Samiullah Soomro is the real hero of Pakistan.  He did what scores of IGs and DIGs of Police are  too scared and too compromised to do. He is the voice of millions of Pakistanis who want to see an end to lawlessness, militancy and gangsterism.   He is also the one  who understood  that this battle must begin from the top.  Force  the toughest targets to comply with the law and others will follow suit.

A government so absolutely clueless about how to fight militancy has much to learn from SP Soomro – a deserving candidate to head the Anti-terror Organisation that has been under discussion for so long.   Thank you SP Soomro .  You have set an example for others to follow.  You deserve our highest respect and gratitude.

Naeem Sadiq