Religiously discriminated
September 4, 2020
Those who clean our gutters deserve our respect
September 4, 2020

Administrator,                                              Sept. 3, 2020

Defence Housing Authority,

2-B, East Street, Ph.1, DHA.

Karachi. Ph: 021-35886401 

Dear Sir,

Request for  information under “Right for Access to Information Act 2017”   and  Article 19A of the Constitution of Pakistan.

One appreciates the scores of DHA security personnel, who are constantly prying around residences to see if a wall or a gate has expanded a few inches beyond its defined geometry.  However it is absolutely incomprehensible, how in doing so, they completely fail to notice the hundreds of tents  which are pitched (as if in a battle field), on public spaces, outside the homes of the ‘Waderas’ and powerful elite. (Pl. see attached pictures). These tents, illegally encroaching on public property  are invariably manned by dozens  of armed private militias.  They violate both the ‘Encroachment  of Public Property Law’ and  Article 256 of the Constitution that explicitly forbids formation  of private militias. Both are serious offences that the DHA has actively promoted by its willingness to look the other way. 

As a citizen of Pakistan, I request that the following information, accurately gathered by your ever snooping security personnel and personally verified by you be provided to me within 10 working days as required by the RTI law. 

1.    The number of tents in each DHA street along with the number of occupying private security guards and the House number responsible for this offence.

2.    DHA’s “Plan of Action” on how long would it take to remove all tents outsides homes and to ensure that no persons with weapons are seen outside homes of DHA – that claims to be a peaceful and civil residential area.   

3.   Why should the Administrator  and the Director Vigilance DHA not be proceeded against legally  for violating the Supreme Court orders of December 2016  which gave 15 days to DHA to get all security camps / tents  removed from outside the residences without any discrimination.


Naeem Sadiq