The cruelty and inhumanity that we extend

The plight of sanitary workers
October 13, 2021
Non-Muslims only
October 17, 2021


A Mirror of Our Cruelty and Inhumanity

The unlawful wages and treatment extended to the  contracted or third party sanitary workers – is a direct  reflection of the callousness and hollow character of the rich, self-obsessed elite who enjoys their services but is not willing to raise its voice for their right to Minimum Wage,  EOBI and Social Security.

Location Salary pm EOBI Social Security
Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Rs.14,000 NO NO
Water and Sewage Agency Hyderabad Rs.10,000 No No
Nawabshah Municipal Committee Rs.10,000 No No
Cantt Board Malir Rs.17500 No No
Cantt Board Faisal Rs.17500 No No
Cantt Board Clifton Rs.20,000 No No