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March 26, 2019
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March 26, 2019


The diary of counting the dead

14th August 2009:  I decided not to celebrate the 14th August this year, to record my personal grief, shame and solidarity with the nine innocent Christian citizens of Gojra, who were killed and their homes  put on fire on July 30 this year.  On this day  I will fly the Pakistan flag at half mast, will put my TV off,   have none of those “Milli naghmey”  and sing no national anthem.  I am sad, ashamed and deeply distressed.  I will call up all my Christian friends to apologise and express my grief, pain and sorrow.


14th August 2010:  I could once again not celebrate the day as on 28 May, 94 people were killed and more than 120  injured during Friday prayers  in  simultaneous attacks against two mosques of the minority Ahmadiya Community in Lahore.


14th August 2011:  And this year, 42 Shias were killed in  five different terrorist attacks  in different parts of Balochistan.


14th August 2012:  91 Shias were killed in Chilas, Mustang, Quetta and Parachinar in different months of 2012.


14th August 2013: A twin suicide bombing killed at least 78 people at a church service in Peshawar,  in what is believed to be the country’s deadliest attack on Christians.    As many as 182 Hazara shias  were killed and 121 injured in two different  suicide and car bomb blasts in Quetta.    At least 48 people, many women and children among them, were killed and over 135 injured in a massive bombing in the city’s Shia-dominated  neighbourhood of Abbas Town Karachi.


14th August 2014:  Four members of the Ahmadi community  were killed and four others were severely injured in Gujranwala

​ on 27 July​ , when an angry mob attacked and burnt five houses belonging to members of the Ahmadi community over alleged blasphemy. Those who died in the attack include a 55-year-old woman Bashiran, a minor girl Kainat, 7-year-old girl Hira and an unborn child who died due to suffocation.


In a country where the minority citizens are forever counting their dead,  one will have to be dreadfully insensitive and callous  to be celebrating  Eid or the 14th August?


29th July 2014