The Elusive Electoral Reforms
March 27, 2019
The spurious parliamentarians
March 27, 2019

The missing electoral verification processes

The Election Commission of Pakistan has consistently let-down the Pakistani nation by its inability to scrutinize the basic credentials of those who contest the national and provincial assembly elections in Pakistan.   Such defaulters not just manage to hood wink the ECP but also end up getting a free parliamentary ride at the tax payers’ expense for next many years.


Some of the facts that ought to be verified are  the contestants’ criminal records, correctness of degrees,  tax payment, wealth assessment, bank defaults, failure to pay utility bills and dual nationality.


It appears that the ECP has no mechanism of its own to undertake any of the above tasks and waits for a hostile opponent to collect evidence and lodge a complaint.  This is an absolutely uncivilized practice.   The state should have a mechanism of its own to undertake what is its own responsibility.    It could easily prepare a software and share it  with all concerned organizations such as NADRA, banks, FBR, utility companies HEC etc to immediately receive correctly verified information for all contestants as soon as they file their nomination papers.


As a citizen, I am deeply concerned that the ECP’s porous processes will once again result in enabling many law breakers to become our law makers.  Can I appeal to the ECP to develop,   put in place and publicize  the required verification processes before the 2018 elections.

Naeem Sadiq

3 Jan 2018