TTP Talks : Does Pakistan know what it is getting into?

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November 11, 2021
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December 2, 2021

TTP talks

 While eagerly extending its support and cordiality towards Afghanistan, should Pakistan not take a more measured and long term view of the relations between the two neighbors. While we have a few immediate concerns to be ironed out, the Afghanistan Taliban could have far more strategic and long term objectives.

 The Afghan Taliban appear to be in no hurry to make Afghanistan a modern progressive nation.  Their primary strategy is to capture lands and extend their influence.  Guerrilla warfare along with the art of  keeping the enemy busy in talks, gives them the ability to do so.   Why will they not wish to expand further eastwards, given that they have a neighbor all too willing to compromise, appease and not look beyond minor immediate gains.

 It is ironic that Afghanistan Taliban did not  expel  or eliminate the TTP elements, but instead suggested that Pakistan engages in talks with the killers of its 144 school children.   This gives an opportunity to  both the Afghan Taliban and the TTP to buy time and extract concessions.   There is little to suggest that the  TTP, a terrorist outfit,  is ready and willing to relinquish its violent ways.  One must also not forget that the declared aim of TTP  is to take over Pakistan and establish its own brand of theocratic state.   

 Could one ignore the possibility that the Afghan Taliban and TTP could well have underlying converging interests, i.e.  gradually expanding to territories beyond Afghanistan.  Not being able to see the bigger picture,  not willing to use force even when absolutely required and repeatedly surrendering  before barbaric bands  of militant militias is a matter of concern for every patriotic Pakistani.

 Naeem Sadiq

November 2021