RTI – The second view
June 16, 2023
Pampering the rich, Exploiting the poor.
July 7, 2023
Chairmen Senate, Past, present and Future,
Senate Building, Constitution Avenue
G-5/2, Islamabad, Pakistan, info@senate.gov.pk
As you appear to have no idea of what the people of Pakistan think about you and your passing the despicable, disgusting and deplorable anti-people bill, known as The Chairman Senate (Salaries, Allowance, and Privileges) Act, 2023, here is a brief and polite description.
Everything that you ever uttered about democracy, equality of citizens and justice was nothing but a hollow smoke screen, intended to fool the people of Pakistan. The truth is that you are no better than the blood sucking predator worms that have suckers at both ends and are commonly known as leeches. You decided to suck the last drops of blood, when Pakistan had fallen on its knees and when it was struggling for every breath and begging for every dollar.
بی‌وفا حالا که من افتاده‌ام از پا چرا
We realise that the most eloquent dischargers of hot air, the not so Honourable Senators Raza Rabbani and Farooq H Naek, were among the bill’s leading proponents. At the expense of the crippled, hungry and pulverized tax payers, you entitle yourselves to a life long plunder of Pakistan. Why must the people of Pakistan be forced to pay for ever, for your 12 permanent employees, six guards, and VVIP security for you and your families. Why must you have the authority to requisition planes for domestic and international travel. This is deceitful and disproportionate extraction of resources from a country that is not just on a debt but also on a death row.
Regretfully, there were no dissenting voices that opposed these insane and self glorifying privileges. No one had the morality or common sense to stand up and resign – refusing to be a part of this unholy gang of parliamentary pirates.
As a citizen I demand repeal of this disgraceful bill as well as withdrawal of all increases in perks, privileges, salaries and entitlements of all Parliamentarians that were bestowed upon them in the last 10 years.
You brutally violated the trust of the people of Pakistan and do not deserve to be called a Parliamentarian.
Naeem Sadiq