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October 5, 2019
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October 19, 2019

Honourable Mr. Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa,          Sept. 2019

Your Honour,

 Lifting ban on prohibited bore weapons for the ruling elite

This is an appeal to the Honourable Chief Justice.

As a citizen of Pakistan I am deeply aggrieved at the Government’s S.R.O (1)/ 2109 issued on 21 August 2019 that lifts ban on issuance of prohibited bore gun licenses for the President, PM, Ministers, Honourable judges, Chairman Senate, Speaker NA, CMs, and senior bureaucrats – a sad reflection on how the most protected are also the ones who feel most insecure. Although, crafted to appease the ruling class, this policy will sadly add to the proliferation of weapons in society.

Worldwide data on gun ownership has unmistakeably shown a direct correlation between guns and violence. Nothing could illustrate this better than USA, which has already experienced 283 mass shootings in 2019. On the other hand Japan and UK are perfect examples of negligible gun violence because their governments do not allow citizens to possess or carry weapons.

Pakistan seems to have completely missed the point and unthinkingly fallen into the gun trap. This trap is largely fabricated by gun mafia to increase their commerce and the influential elite to maintain their hold over the ordinary citizens.

By providing licensing provision for ‘prohibited bore’ killing machines, to its own ruling class, the state has acted in a grossly discriminatory manner and also violated the concept of equality for all citizens.

I respectfully appeal to your Honour to declare S.R.O (1)/ 2109 dated 21 August 2019 as discriminatory, anti-people and null and void as it attempts to create a weaponised elite in the society.  I also appeal that the government be ordered to take active measures to execute withdrawal of 43.917 million guns floating amongst mafias and private individuals in Pakistan.  Pakistan needs peace, progress and technology (and certainly not guns) to build itself as a great nation.


Naeem Sadiq