Malika and her rotting foot
January 9, 2021
The rape of Sea View Beach
January 18, 2021
How come even a week after the tragic incident of Quetta killings and what seemed a century of prolonged wait, emotional outbursts and political point scoring, we are reluctant to discover and communicate the following basic facts to public.
1. Exactly how many persons were killed in the incident. What were their names, ages, cnic numbers and nationality. Legally, a miner cannot be a minor.
2. What were their duty hours and wages that they received. What were their EOBI numbers – if at all they were registered with EOBI.
3. Has the owner of mine been apprehended. Does he have a record of names, ages, wages, cnic, duty hours, and eobi for all his employees.
This was essentially not an industrial accident. However exposing these facts will reveal how mismanagement, compromised labour departments, profiteering industry owners, government’s disinterest in implementing laws such as minimum wages, EOBI registration, lack of worker’s data, and negligent supervision creates a free-for-all lawlessness that invites all category of crimes and criminals.
Naeem Sadiq