From CDA Janitors to the President of Pakistan

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August 15, 2021
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August 23, 2021

Honourable Dr. Arif Alvii,

President of Pakistan,

14th August 2021

A very happy 74th Independence Day.

Dear Sir,

If you could kindly order the Capital Development Authority of the Capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to pay its contracted janitors the minimum legal wage of Rs.20,000 pm, (for 8 hours),  as announced by your government, instead of exploiting and enslaving us by illegally paying Rs.15000 pm (for 12 hours), we would think that Pakistan has progressed and met an important milestone of justice, after 74 years of its independence.

Who we are and what we do for 12 hours each day, for which we ought to be paid Rs.40,000 pm (double salary for extra 4 hours), may be best explained by the attached video.

Most respectfully

Pakistan Zindabad,

Nameless, Exploited, Oppressed and Subjugated

Janitors of CDA, Islamabad


CC: Chairman CDA