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March 30, 2019
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March 30, 2019

The Guv decides to go – voluntarily.

Sindh has not been a lucky province when it comes to its selection of Chief Ministers and Governors. Typically we are in search of two gentlemen (is some one protesting at the misuse of this word), who must represent a series of opposites. If one must be this then the other must be that. If one must be from a town, the other must be from a village. If one must speak language x, then the other should be y speaking. If one represents a party say ‘MNP’, then the other must be from ‘MNQ’. If one must be totally uneducated, the other should have some kind of a BA degree. ( Trinity University plus 200 pounds will do the trick.) If one must be a sponsored candidate of a powerful local feudal landlord , the other must be blessed by a foreign (preferably British) national, whose phone bills are covered by the reluctant generosity of Karachi businessmen. (The KESC bidders had to run away for not catering to this out-of-pocket expense.)

Islamabad has never had any great difficulty in discovering such odd couples. After all if you lower your standards sufficiently, you can handle almost any situation. So the Sunday Telegraph’s investigative report was no great revelation. All it said was that the gentleman who has been provided free boarding and lodging at the 40,000 square yard Karachi residence (forget those half a dozen mercedes and a staff of 200 waiters, guards and gofers.) sought asylum in UK to escape charges of murder and kidnapping at home. Well, why is the Sunday Telegraph telling us all this and why should Pakistanis object to the high standards that UK follows for choosing its new citizens. We should be delighted that many years back, UK had to spend tremendous amount of cost to ship such stuff to their colonies in Australia and Bermuda. Today we send them to our ex-masters, and that too for free.

One however does feel sorry for the British taxpayers who must pay through their noses, so that our shady characters can have a good time in their country. But then that is their problem. All we expected from our own dear Gov, was to stop receiving the welfare allowance of 244 pounds a week, specially after he had been respectfully accommodated in a 24400 pounds a week mansion at Karachi. We gave him all that we could offer. Our taxes support his boarding, lodging, travel and medical. We gave him the choicest piece of land in Karachi ( in a city where many sleep on footpaths). We find an excuse to place at least 5 of his photographs in each newspaper every day and at least 13 when there is a supplement. We let him inaugurate, cut ribbons and preside over half a dozen inanities each day. We even let him appoint judges and pardon convicts. While the Brits would not even recognize his medical degree, we were willing to name the Institute of Oral Health Science at the Sindh Medical College (SMC) after him – knowing well that his responsibilities leave little time for new research in medicine. Surely the Britishers will not do any of that.

We are hurt that our generosity has not been reciprocated. By continuing to bank on the British welfare services (while having a ball of a time in Karachi), he has deeply hurt our pride and caused us immense shame. All for a paltry amount of 244 pounds a week. Will it now be possible for him to live with his conscience while also living in the great palace that he currently occupies. Or will he choose to follow the great tradition that honourable men have followed under such circumstances. When it is acceptable for someone to give up his job in the name of principles or shame, it makes the institution stronger. Here is an opportunity to give strength and respect to the man and to the house that he lives in. How would you like to read this heading in tomorrows newspapers, “ The gov decides to go – voluntarily.”