The twelfth man
September 30, 2022
Planned Poverty – EOBI
October 7, 2022


Pakistan’s Ministry of Massacre and Mass Murder, also know as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, initiates the process of permissions for the carnage of Houbara Bustards by allocating location and  number of birds to be killed by the executioners.  Sadly not just the number of migratory birds killed by the foreign dignitaries exceeds by a factor of 20, but also provides an opportunity to their local facilitators (Waderas), to kill a few unwanted human beings.

There are no consequences either for those who overkill the Houbaras or those who kill innocent humans like Nazim Jokhios.   The first category of killers returns to rule their respective countries, while the second continue to rule as MNAs and MPAs in their own country.


The Ministry of Massacre and Mass Murder refuses to answer any questions on the scale of annual massacre intended to exterminate our precious migratory birds. Requests for information were repeatedly denied.  Finally, on a citizen’s appeal,   a HEARING SUMMON has been issued to this delinquent organisation to appear before Pakistan Information Commission on October 06,2022.


Naeem Sadiq