Modern-day freight forwarders

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April 12, 2019
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May 1, 2019

On modern day freight forwarders

If Sajjad Hyder Yildirim had been alive today, he would have certainly included the modern day “freight forwarders” in his famous article, “mujhe mere doston se bachao” as friends he wanted to get rid of.

The modern day “freight forwarding” is an improved version of the older profession which involved forwarding physical goods from one place to another. The modern-day freight forwarders are a breed of individuals who are dedicated to the voluntary occupation of electronically forwarding a large number of videos, pictures, jokes, Ted talks and culinary advices to all and sundry, numerous times a day. While often these packages have not been seen, read or practiced by the sender, they are invariably marked as “Must see”  or  “Must read” for others. The disease, rightly associated with other similar germs and bacteria is popularly termed as “making viral”.

There is not enough research to suggest as to what makes people indulge in this polite but destructive pastime. Various theories have been put forward.  These people have nothing else to do in their lives.  They have no thoughts or views or words of their own. Perhaps some believe that they are the only ones with access to internet and google.  Some, having missed on their own education, wish to take a revenge by attempting to educate the rest of the world.  Others genuinely consider this ADHD compulsion as an extension of their moral and national responsibilities.

The disease of electronic freight forwarding, though harmful for the sender, may be justified by one or the other article of the constitution dealing with fundamental rights. It is however many times more damaging for the receivers, who are bound to waste time in either exploring or deleting scores of such ‘must sees’ every day.  In many cases the same video manages to deceive you many times,  by arriving from yet another well-wisher under yet another name.  Sadly even some very sane people appear to have fallen victims of this mindless, Zombie like, button pushing addiction. An exercise in which the sender takes no responsibility for the reliability of the source or the accuracy, utility or veracity of the contents.

And while I write these lines, I have received two more surgical strikes, one captioned, “do not miss seeing this” and the second “and this too please”.