Protecting the Rights of Children?
October 1, 2020
Simplifying tax payment
October 1, 2020
The decision to establish a single national Emergency Helpline is absolutely welcome.  Much delayed and  arriving in the wake of the Lahore Motorway rape case,  one only wonders why our governments refused to listen when this issue was repeatedly highlighted  by citizens for past several years.
One also wonders why the government is dragging its feet for the second time by not establishing ZARRA agency which is a requirement of Zainab Act passed in March 2020. The first feet dragging lasted two years in passing the Zainab Act.
What is the link between the national Emergency Helpline announced yesterday and the ZARRA agency.   The ZARRA agency is an institutional mechanism with a mandate of establishing a nation-wide Helpline, a nation-wide data-base and nation-wide mechanisms for response and recovery of victims.
Why do we prefer adhoc and look-good mechanisms (with no backup support) over institutional mechanisms. Expediency  is never a long term solution.   There are 67 other Helplines in Pakistan, grown in response to some event or some one’s  ego.  None of them work.  The Zainab App launched with much fanfare by the  Sindh Police and CPLC is yet another example of  such half-baked  publicity stunts.
I would urge the PM and the Ministry of Human Rights to  please establish ZARRA agency, and demand that its first task be to establish the National Emergency Helpline as required by its mandate.