Salient features of the proposed Waste Management System

Waste Management System
November 1, 2020
Arzoo Kahan hey?
November 2, 2020

Cantonment Executive Officer,

Cantonment Board office, Clifton, Karachi.


Dear Sir,

Waste Management System

A group of citizens had recently met Dr. Rizwan Deputy CEO and presented to him a modern and documented Waste Management System (WMS) for adoption by CBC. The salient principles of the proposed WMS are as follows:

  1. That the CBC will ensure a door to door collection for every residence thrice a week.
  2. That the  CBC will promote segregation of all waste at the house hold level into 3 categories – Recyclables, Organic and Trash.
  3. That CBC will encourage maximum recycling by residents  (thru Kabari wala) and compositing of organic waste at the home level.
  4. That the CBC will collect and dispose each of these categories of waste  in a value adding and  environmentally friendly manner by organizing garbage transfer stations on scientific lines.
  5. That the CBC will prohibit all residents and staff from throwing “katchra” at open plots and empty spaces.
  6. That open plots will be barricaded, their katchra kundi or CBC drums removed to eliminate the invitation to throw Katchra.
  7. That use or sale of  plastic bags will be systematically eliminated.
  8. That the CBC will carry out massive promotion of these principles and also place its entire waste management system including schedules and timings on its website.
  9. That CBC will ensure full safety gear, minimum wages, EOBI and Social Security for its sanitation staff, not on paper, but in practice.
  10. That CBC will audit, review and improve its WMS every year.

As you know that sadly, Pakistan as a whole, has been unable to develop a modern waste management system and is constantly relying on Turkish and Chinese companies. CBC can make a break-thru and become a role model in this field by adopting the proposed WMS. You are therefore requested to kindly adopt the system presented to CBC, whose salient principles are mentioned above.


Naeem Sadiq