Why are we poor?
June 17, 2022
Three critical child protection reforms
July 7, 2022
Why is Pakistan poor?
Consider BC Canada. The Premier, the ministers, the Mayors, the Members of Provincial and Federal Parliament and the bureaucrats have no official cars. They all drive to work in their private cars. This is a province that is rich enough to make a sewage treatment plant at Vancouver at a cost of $10 billion.
Consider Sindh Pakistan – a province just like BC. There are 25,000 government cars, being ruthlessly plundered by politicians and government officials, their families, friends and acquaintances. This is a province that borrows $100 million from WB to sweep its streets. This is a country whose FE reserve is less than $10 billion and stands at the brink of bankruptcy.
Should Pakistan not withdraw all its 150,000 government vehicles, supposedly an entitlement, but in fact a bribe given to its politicians and bureaucrats. Should Pakistan also not stop fuel allowances of hundreds of liters per month for every government official.
Naeem Sadiq