A janitor writes to the residents of DHA and Clifton

Delinquent Vehicles
January 20, 2020
Dear CAA – pay correct wages to your contracted janitors
January 24, 2020

A janitor writes a letter of gratitude to the residents of DHA and Clifton.



I am a Cantonment Board Clifton’s contracted janitor.
I wear slippers instead of safety shoes. I cover my nose and mouth with a muffler instead of a mask, and cover my head with the same piece. I pick the dirt, the disease and the dead animals with my naked hands. I get Rs.12,000 per month instead of the minimum legal wage of Rs.17500.
But, I am eternally grateful to the CBC for its kindness. What if they did not give me even Rs.12,000. I do not mind that I am denied the pension, EOBI and social security. I do not protest when they cut my salary for falling sick. You know I desperately need this job.

I cannot question as to why I get Rs.5500 less than the minimum legal wage. I cannot be interested in knowing as to who pockets the difference of Rs.5500 per person for a thousand or so janitors. My only interest is to feed my wife and 4 children, rent a quarter, pay the bus fare and buy some clothes for my children. The younger two kids are sick. They need milk and medicine. I am not sure if they will survive this winter.

I am also eternally grateful to the rich, the powerful and the caring people, who live in huge luxury houses of DHA and Clifton. They every day pretend as if we do not exist. It is not that they ignore us. They just have more important things to do – perhaps attending a seminar on human rights, in a 5 star hotel. It is nice that they wear dark glasses that can filter out the janitors. Thanks to the Japanese, their car AC’s and closed windows filter out the smell and the disease that we carry. They have no idea that they are our biggest supporters and our sincerest friends. Thank you, people of DHA and Clifton, for never raising your voice for us.

Skakir Ghulam