Esso Peas
May 19, 2020
Sindh: Vehicle Tax
June 4, 2020

Dear Governor Ismail,
Salam and Greetings.
I hope you have fully recovered from the recent sickness and are keeping yourself safe. Now that you are free of the Covid bug, can I suggest that you please give the same treatment to the vehicles of the Sindh Governor’s Secretariat. This morning, on a short visit to the CPLC, located in the Governor House premises, the first two vehicles I saw, both had not paid the road tax for the last 4 years. There are numerous others in your fleet that enjoy the same credentials. It may be a good idea that as the representative of the Federal Government and as the most esteemed citizen of the province, you should set an example of lawful behaviour that you expect from the ordinary citizens.

Having cleaned your stables, you may please also advise Mr. Murad Ali Shah to do the same for the Sindh Government vehicles, of which many thousand are unregistered and the majority have not paid the road tax for the last many years.

Best wishes for the two post-Covid projects.

Naeem Sadiq
June 1, 2020