Narcissism at state expense the new world record
March 28, 2019
Organisational birthdays at public expense
March 28, 2019

Governor, Sindh,

Chief Minister, Sindh,

Provincial Ombudsman Sindh.



Dear Gentlemen,

“We are here to provide Administrative Justice”


This refers to your quarter page ad, placed in all national newspapers on March 20, 2015, claiming, “We are here for your help… to provide Administrative Justice”.


Here is a citizen’s complaint, a test case,  to determine if you would actually provide the promised ‘administrative justice ‘ or  are simply misusing government funds.


Three government officials, i.e. Governor Sindh, Chief Minister Sindh and Provincial Ombudsman Sindh jointly colluded to place a newspaper ad (attached),  ostensibly to convey a public interest message.  They however also inserted their own coloured photographs in the ad, solely for the purpose of personal publicity and self-projection.


It is a fact that the ad was paid entirely from the tax payers’ money and the three gentlemen did not contribute a single penny towards this self-aggrandizing ad.   This makes it a blatant case of  ‘gross administrative malpractice’ and ‘misappropriation of tax payers’ money.’


You are requested to investigate this serious misuse of state resources for petty personal publicity and take the following actions:


  1. The three officials be made to realise their unbecoming and unethical act and asked to refund the entire amount, which should preferably be deducted from their salaries.
  2. A fresh advertisement (minus any photographs) be placed in the newspapers to clarify that the tax payers’ money is a trust of the people and will never again be spent for ads carrying photographs of politicians and government officials. In order to regain the  trust of the people, this ad should publicly state that the money spent on the original ad has been paid back by the three officials.


This letter is also being sent to all newspapers who compromised their ethics for purely commercial reasons in carrying the ad –  essentially an exercise in narcissism at state expense. A copy is also being sent to the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform for inclusion of these suggestions in the proposed ‘URAAN” project.



Naeem Sadiq

A citizen



CC:  Chief Secretary:  To please instruct all ministries to stop personal photographs in official ads.