2023, the year of absolute tyranny and utter slavery
December 31, 2023
Citizen’s Commission for Equality & Human Rights Report 2023
January 5, 2024

Mr. Kamran Tessori                            1st January 2024

Governor Sindh, Governor House, Karachi


Mr. Omar Soomro,

Minister for law, religious affairs and human rights.

1st Floor, Sindh Assembly Building, Court Road,  Karachi

Secretary Labour, Govt of Sindh .

Tughlaq House, 2nd Floor, Room 308

Sindh Secretariat no. 2,  Shahrah-e-Kamal Ata Turk,  Karachi


Dear Governor,

Sindh Children Drama Industry Ordinance,  2023

We deeply respect your concern for the children, (less than 18 year) for taking part in dramas instead of being in schools, as obvious from your recently promulgated Ordinance.

May we however inform you that your government is itself sponsoring and using hundreds of children during school hours as contracted sanitation workers  of SSWMB through its 3 tiers of subcontractors.

If the above Ordinance has been promulgated with even an iota of correct intention or purpose, you will perhaps, after seeing the above videos, issue another Ordinance banning all children less than 18 years from working as sanitation workers and hold the SSWMB MD and the Labour Secretary accountable for making them do so.


Naeem Sadiq